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Thank you for choosing The Jefferson Hotel! This summer we will completing the final phase of our renovation project. While enjoying our beautiful, newly-constructed guest rooms, you will see first-hand the magnificent restoration occurring in the Rotunda lobby to maintain its historic beauty and preserve it for generations to come.

The indoor pool will also be closed through August 26, 2016. Pool and guest privileges will continue to be available at the Greater Richmond YMCA directly across the street.

Lemaire will be providing dinner service from their summer menu in TJ's Restaurant while the Lemaire kitchen and dining rooms are being refreshed. Sunday Champagne brunch service will resume on September 11.

We look forward to your visit! Please call our
reservations team at 800-424-8014
for immediate assistance.

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Did You Know?

  • The Jefferson Hotel was supposed to open on November 1, 1895, but at the last minute it was realized that November 1 was a Friday, and it was considered bad luck to start anything on a Friday. So the hotel was opened on Halloween instead.

  • From the time the hotel opened until 1937, rooms were just $1.50 per night.  A room with a private bath was $1 more per night.

  • The Thanksgiving Day Dinner at the hotel in 1949 cost $2.50.

  • When Elvis stayed at the hotel in 1956, he brought his own television and the hotel manager was shocked that Elvis ate his bacon with his fingers.

  • In the mid 1950s, the hotel had a pink limousine to drive guests throughout the city.

  • The Jefferson has been in several movies including My Dinner with Andre (1981), First Kid (1996), HBO's Ironed Jawed Angels (2004), The American President (1995) and the recently discovered Rock and Roll Hotel (early 1980's).

  • Alligators once resided in marble pools in the Palm Court Lobby.  Richmonders would vacation in Florida and bring the baby alligators home as pets.  As they outgrew sinks and bathtubs, residents would bring them to live at The Jefferson.  Tour the hotel’s public area and see how many alligators you can find today!

  • Thirteen US Presidents, including Harrison, McKinley, Wilson, Coolidge, Taft, both Roosevelts (Theodore and Franklin Delano), Truman and Reagan, both Bushes (George H. W. and George W.), Clinton and Obama have been guests at The Jefferson Hotel.

  • Legend says that Bill "Bojangles" Robinson was discovered by his life-long agent while dancing across the dining room at The Jefferson Hotel. 

  • Frank Sinatra once entertained guests in Lemaire at The Jefferson Hotel with an impromptu performance after enjoying his dinner.

  • Artifacts from over a century of the hotel’s history are housed in a museum at the bottom of The Grand Staircase, including a photo of Elvis at the hotel's old lunch counter.

  • The priceless statue of Thomas Jefferson that stands watch over the Palm Court lobby has only left his post on one occasion.  In the 1902 hotel fire, he was rescued from the building only to have his head bumped on the cobblestones.  He took a brief vacation to Edward Valentine’s art studio where his head was reattached.

  • The Grand Staircase at The Jefferson Hotel has long been rumored to be the staircase featured in the iconic film, Gone with the Wind.

  • The Jefferson Hotel is often cited as one of the finest examples of Beaux Arts architecture still in existence today.

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Famous Guests


Madeline Albright
Neil Diamond
Jane Alexander
Bob Dole
Mary Alice
Joan Allen
Nelson Eddy
Chet Atkins
Sam Elliott
Tony Blair
Julius Erving
Warren Beatty
Nanette Fabray
Tony Bennett
Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald
Sarah Bernhardt
Michael J. Fox
Frankie Beverly & Maze
Morgan Freeman    
Black Crowes
Jerry Garcia
Michael Bolton
Richard Gere
John Goodman
Ray Bradbury
Mikhail Gorbachev
Tom Brokaw
Allen Greenspan
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Rosie Greer
James Brown
Rudy Giuliani
President George H. Bush and Mrs. Bush         
Gene Hackman
President George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush
Scott Hamilton
John Chancelor
Tom Hanks
Carol Channing
Emmylou Harris
Charles Chaplin
President Harrison
Ray Charles
Helen Hayes
Chevy Chase
Charlton Heston
Sir Edmond Hillary
Rosemary Clooney 
Sir Anthony Hopkins
Tommy Lee Jones
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Bruce McGill
Hal Holbrook
Magic Johnson
Michael Bolton
George Benson
India Arie

Dabney Coleman
Bruce Hornsby
Stephen Collins
Angelica Houston
Jimmy Connors
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Bill Cosby
James Earl Jones
President Coolidge
Diane Keaton          
Katie Couric
Billie Jean King
Cindy Crawford
Ed Koch
Sheryl Crow
Ted Koppel
John Denver
Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Patrick Dempsey
Charles Kuralt
William Devane
Tom Landry  
Admiral Dewey
Jude Law
LL Cool J
Jerry Seinfeld
Lyle Lovett
Bernard Shaw
Virginia Madsen
Charlie Sheen
Herbie Mann
Sam Sheppard
Steve Martin
Gene Simmons
Les McCann
Richard Simmons
David McCullough
Paul Simon
Ronnie McDowell
Frank Sinatra
John McEnroe
Sissy Spacek
President McKinley
Neil Spizak   
Meat Loaf
Gertrude Stein
Larry “Bud” Mellman
William Styron
Robert Mitchum
Donald Sutherland
Mary Tyler Moore
Hillary Swank
Rita Moreno
President Taft
Robin Thicke
Governor Chris Christie
Steve Harvey
Adrianna Trigianni
Lynard Skynard
Amy Grant
Vince Gill
Jeff Dunham
Dave Matthews Band

Michael Moriarty
George Takei
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
James Taylor
Roger Mudd
Margaret Thatcher
New Edition
President Truman
Bob Newhart
Tina Turner
Paul Newman
Shania Twain
President Barack Obama
Brian Orser
Blair Underwood
Dolly Parton
Ben Vereen
Michelle Pfieffer
Rusty Wallace
Elvis Presley
Sam Waterson
Robert Preston
Andrew Lloyd Webber       
Hank Williams, Jr.
President Reagan
Robin Williams
Tim and Daphne Reid
Venus Williams
Debbie Reynolds
President Wilson
Chris Rock
Henry Winkler
Andy Roddick
Joanne Woodward
Al Roker
Kristi Yamaguchi
Rolling Stones
Elliot Yamin 
President F.D. Roosevelt
Trisha Yearwood
President T. Roosevelt
Ralph Sampson
Norman Schwarzkopf
Willard Scott 
Neil Sedaka
Daniel Day Lewis
Sally Field
James Spader
Steven Spielberg
TD Jakes
John Mellencamp
Tyler Perry
Martin Lawrence
Neil Young
Stone Temple Pilots
Josh Groban
Melissa Etheridge
Widespread Panic
President Bill Clinton


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