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All plated light lunches are served with preset water and ice tea, cookies and brownies, coffee and selection of hot tea.

Selections below are served with bread.
Caesar Salad

Grilled Chicken, Romaine, Shredded Asiago, Multigrain Croutons, Caesar Dressing
Substitute Shrimp, Salmon or Flank Steak

 Nicoise Salad
Herb Poached Tuna (4 oz.), Haricot Verts, Cherry Tomatoes,
Olives, Red Bliss Potatoes, Romaine, Aged Sherry Vinaigrette

Southern Salad Trio
Cage-Free Farm Egg Salad, Chilled Peas and Pimento Cheese,
Tarragon Chicken Salad on Romaine, Served with Crackers and Rolls

Selections below are served with bread and garden vegetable medley.
Quiche Provençal
Artichoke Hearts, Baby Spinach,
Olives, Rosemary, Piquillo Peppers, Asiago

Quiche Southwest
Tender Chicken, Roasted Corn,
Green Chile, Pepper Jack Cheese

Quiche Chesapeake
Jumbo Lump Crab, Country Ham,
Asparagus, Cherry Tomato, Cheddar

Selections below are served with fruit and chef’s choice of salad.
Roast Beef and Brie Sandwich

Thinly Sliced Roast Beef and Brie,
Tomato,Horseradish Sauce

Turkey Sandwich
Turkey, Havarti, Lettuce, Tomato,
Sundried Tomato Spread

Selections below are served with fruit and chef’s choice of salad.
Roasted Chicken Flatbread
Chicken, Tomato, Mesclun Greens,
Cumin Yogurt Dressing

Italian Hero
Salami, Ham, Turkey, Provolone,
Banana Peppers, Pepper Relish

Club Kaiser Sandwich
Shaved Ham, Turkey, Bacon,
Smoked Gouda, Tomato, Dijonaise

Roasted Chicken Sandwich
Chicken, Cheddar,
Tomato, Chipotle Aioli

Spicy Falafel Wrap
Spicy Chickpea Cakes,
Shredded Romaine, Tomato, Tzatziki Sauce

Grilled Eggplant Wrap
Chermoula Spiced Eggplant,
Spinach, Pepper Relish

Greek Chicken Wrap
Grilled Chicken, Provolone, Grilled Onions,
Banana Peppers, Roasted Peppers,
Cucumbers, Romaine, Feta Dressing

Greek Goddess Wrap
Crispy Chicken Breast, Shredded Romaine,
Tomato, Egg, Cheddar, Mozzarella,
Green Goddess Dressing

Selections below are bagged with napkins, utensils and condiments.
To-Go Lunch

Each bag includes (1) salad or sandwich, (2) sides, (1) bag of chips and (2) cookies.
Beverages can be ordered separately and are charged upon consumption.
Choose Two Sides: Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Couscous Salad, Fresh Fruit or Whole Fruit
Choose One Sandwich or Salad: Chicken Caesar Salad, Greens with Lemon Thyme Vinaigrette,
Romaine and Baby Spinach with Pesto Balsamic Vinaigrette, Roast Beef and Brie Sandwich,
Italian Hero Sandwich, Grilled Eggplant Wrap, Club Kaiser Sandwich, Roasted Chicken Sandwich,
Roasted Chicken Flatbread, Turkey Sandwich, Spicy Falafel Wrap, Greek Chicken Wrap,
or Green Goddess Wrap $22
Each Additional Choice of Sandwich or Salad +$3
Chef’s Choice (one Sandwich or Salad) $20

All prices subject to 12.8% tax and 20% service charge.


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